Pets was a feature released on February 4, 2016. It allows the player to have a companion in their home. Pets can be purchased with Cash or Gems, and require a certain amount of cuddles before fully becoming your pet.

Calling and Cuddling a PetEdit

After the timer for when the pet initially shows up your room after being called is over, it will costs cash or gems to call the pet again. This counts in your free call. Players that are visiting your home can cuddle with your pet and it will count towards friendliness and it will count towards the player who pet its daily quest, "Pet your pet."

Calling and cuddling a pet will take time and patience, therefore:

  • 100 cuddles will take 50 days (1 month and a half) if you cuddle it twice each day.
  • 200 cuddles will take 100 days (about 3 months) if you cuddle it twice each day.

Only 5 pets are allowed in each floor in your room. You can pick 2 of your pets to follow you everywhere, and they will be featured on your profile.

Pet BookEdit


The Pet Book allows you to see how many pets you own and your friendliness level with them. It shows your status, the day you first met them, and what gift they gave you. A short memo on the pet can be added on them as well.

There are 14 Cats and 13 Dogs.

List of Dogs Edit


Cost Required Cuddles Available Through
Mixed Breed Gem10,000 100 Shop
Mame Shiba Gem25,000 100 Shop
Shih Tzu Gem48,000 200 Shop
Dachshund Cash35 100 Shop
Toy Poodle Cash50 100 Shop
Chihuahua Cash65 200 Shop
Bichon N/A 200 Gacha
Cane Corso N/A 200 Gacha
Muffin N/A 200 Gacha
Candy N/A 100 Gacha
Milk N/A 100 Gacha
Beast N/A 100 Gacha
Beauty N/A 100 Gacha

List of Cats Edit

Name Cost Required Cuddles Available


Calico Cat Gem10,000 100 Shop
American Shorthair Gem45,000 200 Shop
Siamese Gem30,000 100 Shop
Russian Blue Gem30,000 100 Shop
Turkish Angora Cash40 100 Shop
Black Cat Cash75 200 Shop
Munchkin Cat N/A 200 Gacha
Exotic Shorthair N/A 100 Gacha
Aifii Cash45 100 Shop
Cam N/A 100 Gacha
British Shorthair Cash50 200 Shop
Macaroon N/A 100 Event
Persha Cash50 100 Shop
Meow N/A 100 Gacha

Trivia Edit

  • The promotion video for pets states that no one knows where pets came from. Pets may be a result of Gramma Wizzy's failed experiment or from another dimension.
  • The system was released on February 4, 2016.

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