New York Times Square is a city square with many shops. There's no square code for New York Times Square. Players can travel there and meet other people. You can chat, send emotes, and High Five people for your daily quest. Pets can follow you in the New York Times Square. You can also purchase potions with gems.

The NPCs Cyrus, Madam, and David wander around the square.

Gachapons Edit

There are gachapons that can be found in the New York Times Square.

Potion Shop Edit

The Potion Shop can be found at the upper left corner of the square near the Sugar Bon Bon shop. It sells special effect potions and fishing potions.

Potion Name Effect Cost
Tiny Potion Shrinks your avatar for 30 mins. Gem 500
Giant Potion Enlarges your avatar for 30 mins. Gem 500
Speed Potion Increases your speed for 30 mins. Gem 500
Super Shot Potion Get a chance of unleashing a super shot for

30 mins at LINE Stadium.

Gem 500
Fishing Potion Fish for 30 minutes. Gem 2000
Fishing Skill Potion Your fishing skill will increase +1000 for 30 minutes. Gem 3000
Big Catch Potion This item increases your chances of

catching 2-star fish for 30 minutes.

Gem 3000

Trivia Edit

  • Madam is inspired by Marilyn Monroe's appearance.
  • At the top of the tower, you can see a banner showing Go for Love!'s Ellie and Hiro together.
  • It is recommended that you go to this square to complete the daily quest.
  • You can see ASTRO, Cherry, Tica, Hello Kitty, Gold Rush and Fruit Monsters on other buildings.
  • This is the only square where you can meet people from other countries.

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