Mixed Breed
Pet Information
Type Dog
Pet Mixed Breed
Cuddles Needed 100
Cost 10,000 Gem
Obtainable Shop
Gem dog gift with floppy ears thing

Mixed Breed's Favorite Dog Food is required to call the Mixed Breed dog pet. Place the dog food in your home and you'll be able to call it twice a day (including your free call.)

When the pet is called to your home, you can pet it for your Daily Quests.

Once you cuddled it 100 times, it will become your pet.

Once he becomes your pet, it'll give you a dog bone. 'A tasty bone treat that Mixed Breed was saving for later.'

Personality Edit

The Mixed Breed is always full of energy and vigor! It doesn't like to be teased with treats, but it enjoys being rewarded with snacks.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This is the cheapest dog to buy with gems in the pet shop.