Mame Shiba
Pet Information
Type Dog
Pet Mame Shiba
Cuddles Needed 100
Cost 25,000 Gem
Obtainable Shop
Shiba dog gift
I pledge you my allegiance!
— Mame Shiba
Mame Shiba's Favorite Rawhide Bones is required to call the Mame Shiba dog pet. Place the rawhide bones in your home and you'll be able to call it twice a day (including your free call.)

When the pet is called to your home, you can pet it for your Daily Quests.

Once you cuddled it 100 times, it will become your pet.

Personality Edit

Oh~ Look at those cute angry little eyebrows~!

He pledges his allegiance to you!

Mame Shiba (6 months/Male)

He loves gathering his dog bones. Leave one in your room and he might just come to get it! Pretty sure he will come visit.. I mean.. look at those loyal eyebrows of his! Wait.. is that just fur..? Turns out that they are not even his eyebrows. Oh well~ those cute little eyebrows are what really make him the Shiba that he is. [1]