Magical Starlight
Gacha Information
Category VIP, Upgrade, Sound
Description I was just a lowly apprentice

before I gained the awesome powers of transformation!

Release Date June 15, 2017
Expiry Date July 13, 2017
Cost Cash 15

Magical Starlight was a limited-time Petit VIP Gacha. Purchasing an item from this gacha cost 15 cash a turn. The first turn is 100% off, making it 0 Cash. However, for 135 cash on the first turn, a player can receive x10 items at once. Further purchasing x10 items will cost 150 cash.

The gacha consisted of 26 individual items including hair, makeup, interior items, fashion items, and a Sound item.

Only Platinum and higher VIP members can play this gacha.

Item List Edit

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