The girl that follows Shinji

Love Sick is a Gacha series. It is about a yandere girl named Saki who follows around a boy named Shinji, who she refers to as her "senpai". The gacha series revolves around the places she follows Shinji to and the events that happen.



Saki is the heroine in the story. She obsesses over Shinji and has the typical yandere personality. She insists on protecting him from danger and scares off any girls away from him.
Shinji is Saki's love interest. Saki refers to him as "Senpai". He appears to be scared and uncomfortable by Saki's actions, and is oblivious to the fact Saki is in love with him. Because of his good looks, he is popular with the girls.

Trivia Edit

  • A yandere describes a person (usually a girl) who is kind and innocent, but becomes violent and aggressive because of their love interest.
  • Senpai refers to a person who is older than you.

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