Go for Love! is a Gacha Series about a model named Ellie who is having a party to celebrate her modeling debut. She meets Ren, the chief editor of the fashion magazine TICA, who invites her to be TICA's cover girl. This leads up to Ellie's romantic love story.

There is a player voting every episode. Players can vote on how the story will play out.

It also has a season 2 called Go for Love! 2 and a spin-off called Ellie in Wonderland.

Characters Edit

Ellie is a female model and TICA's cover girl. Her favorite color is pink. She is in love with Hiro and remains loyal to him. This loyalty is shown in the spin-off when she refuses the Prince of Heart's proposal. Ellie has a best friend, but her name is unknown.

Ren is the chief editor of the fashion magazine TICA. He is 32 years old. He asks Ellie if she wants to be the cover girl in Part 2. He believes in mixing love and work together. Despite his serious looks, he is caring. Ren can become jealous, which is shown in Season 2 when Hiro and Ellie have a photoshoot together. Ren's love rival is Hiro, but they become friends later.

Hiro is a 21 years old male model. Hiro meets Ellie at the Paris fashion show when he spots her in the audience. His ex is Bonnie, a world-class model. Hiro finally confesses to Ellie at the Halloween costume party. He's in love with Ellie and promises to be by her side forever. Despite his kind and calm personality, he can become jealous and possessive, which is shown in S2 Part 4. Hiro's love rival is Ren, but they become friends later.

Bonnie is Hiro's ex-girlfriend and a world-class model. Hiro and Bonnie are on good terms despite their past relationship. According to the spin-off, she's allergic to cats.

Gachapon Edit

Summary Edit

Ellie is celebrating her modeling debut with a party. A mysterious guy approaches Ellie and he introduces himself as Ren, the chief editor of the fashion magazine TICA. He asks her if she would like to be TICA's cover girl, and she eagerly accepts it. Afterward, Ren invites her to a romantic dinner date.

During the romantic dinner evening, Ellie attempts to flirt with Ren but his mind is focused on work. While Ellie is thinking about how disappointed she is with him, Ren invites her to participate in the next Paris Collection.

Ellie is unsure of Ren's true intentions and attempts to turn down the trip to Paris. Ren says she has the wrong idea and it would be a great opportunity for her. In the end, she ends up attending the Paris Fashion Show by watching it from the sidelines. Hiro spots her from the runway and asks for her name, and if she'd like to join him in the after-party.

Trivia Edit

  • Go for Love! is the first story Gacha series.