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LINEPLAY Gacha are themed gachas that players can receive random items from to use in their room or for their avatars. To use, players have to pay a certain amount of Cash or Gems to have a turn to receive an item/items contained in the gacha.

The Gacha Shop is where players can spend their Gems or Cash to earn items from these themed gachapons. These items can include interior, fashion and hair items, or even pets and makeup in rarer gachas.

Details Edit

Items given to the player from the Gacha are random. There are certain items that are harder to obtain. Items are categorized by rarity (Common to Rarest): Common, Rare, Super Rare, Ultra Rare, and Epic. An item's rarity can be seen above the fashion or interior item. If it has no stars at all then that means it's common.

Gachapons give items randomly which makes it likely to receive duplicates. Extra items can be recycled for Gems. It's highly recommended to recycle on Mondays to get double the Gems than if you recycled on any other day.

Types of GachasEdit

  • Gem Gachas generally cost between 1,000 to 4,000Gem per turn. Some Gem gachas will have discounts on the first turn or first x10 turn. They typically have low rarity fashion and interior items such as Common to Super Rare.
  • Cash Gachas generally cost between 10 to 15Cash per turn. Some Cash gachas will have discounts on the first turn or first x10 turn. They have fashion, interior items, and sometimes even a Pet or Sound item of higher rarity from Common to Ultra Rare. It will occasionally have an Upgrade option too.
  • VIP Gachas generally cost 15Cash per turn. They have a monthly theme for the main VIP Gacha, and release Petit VIP Gachas for other themes. It has a wide selection of fashion and interior items, usually having more than 30 items per VIP Gacha. They have fashion, interior items, and sometimes even a Pet or Sound item of higher rarity from Common to Ultra Rare. It usually has an Upgrade option too. Only Platinum and higher VIP members can play this gacha.
  • Magic Box are special gachas that can be found in Events and not in the Gacha Shop. It typically costs 25Cash per turn.
  • Lucky★Spins are special Gachas that are found in Events and not in the Gacha Shop. Not only can you receive Interior or Fashion items, you can also get Hearts, Gems, or Cash. You spin the wheel and receive a random prize from the Item List.


Name Available?
The Queen's Jewels No
Chateau de Rose No
Fantastic Land of the Unicorns No
Starlit Serenade No
Chateau de Rose No
Love Ballad of the Princess No
May-lily Fairy's Love Story No
Red Punk Alice No
Angels of the Light No
Cogs of Fate No
Rainy Hydrangea Fantasy No
Dark Fallen Angels No
Summer Firefly Serenade No
Dreaming OZ No
Phantom Bride No
Golden Maple Tree No
Flower Dreams in Pink No
Minnie Fashion Show No
The Healing Garden No
Beauty and the Beast Ball No
Moonlight Dreamer No
Pearls of Love No
Crystal of the Deep Seas N


Name Available?
Pooh Dreams Yes
Pirates of the Caribbean Yes
Alice Japanesque Yes
Bambi Yes
Tink Mystic Forest Yes
Marie Paris Night Yes
Disney Flower Yes
Disney Tsum Tsum Yes
Frozen Yes
101 Dalmatians Yes
Cinderella Yes
Sleeping Beauty Yes
Beauty and the Beast Yes
Snow White Yes
Tangled Yes
Ariel Fashion Yes
Aladdin Fashion Yes
Alice Gothic Interior Yes
Alice Gothic Fashion Yes
Disney Yukata Yes
Monsters, Inc. Fashion Yes
Monsters, Inc. Interior Yes
Disney Summer Yes
Ariel Interior Yes
Tink Fashion Yes
Tink Interior Yes
Zootopia Yes
Aladdin Interior Yes
Disney Easter Yes
Minnie Wedding Fashion Yes
Minnie Wedding Interior Yes
Chip & Dale Fashion Yes
Chip & Dale Interior Yes
Disney Winter Yes
Daisy Fashion Yes
Daisy Interior Yes
Mickey Lights Fashion Yes
Mickey Lights Interior Yes
Disney Square Yes
Villains Fashion Yes
Marie Fashion Yes
Marie Interior Yes
Villains Interior Yes
Alice Fashion Yes
Alice Interior Yes
Stitch Fashion Yes
Stitch Interior Yes
Minnie Fashion Yes
Minnie Interior Yes
Donald Fashion Yes
Donald Interior Yes
Pooh Fashion Yes
Pooh Interior Yes
Mickey Fashion Yes
Mickey Interior Yes

Animated SurprisesEdit

Name Available?
Crimson Circus Yes
Dreams of Butterfly Fairies Yes
March of the Blue Demons Yes
Moonlit Flower Yes
My Beauty Salon Yes
Little goth Violet Yes
Ikemen School 6 Yes
Team PANDA City Yes
Jungle Paradise Yes
Penguin Marina Yes
Love Sick 7 Yes
Rainy Gray Town Yes
Ellie in Wonderland S.ver Yes
Love Sick 6 Yes
Downtown Cats Yes
Ellie in Wonderland 5 Yes
White Procession Yes
Palace of Romance Yes
Shadow Florals Yes
Unicorn Fantasia Yes
Manga Makeover Yes
Ikemen School 4 Yes
Love Sick 5 Yes
Boy Detective Trick Yes
Ellie in Wonderland 4 Yes
Memories Of Oblivion Yes
Gothic Fantasy Park No
Dark Tales 3 Yes
Butterfly Wedding Yes
Sweet Pastel Dreams No
Azure General No
American Funny Memes Yes
Bear Library Yes
Ikemen School 3 Yes
Love Sick 4 Yes
Dreaming Dancer Yes
Operation Makeover Yes
Hometown Spa Yes
Tricky Ninjas! Yes
Ellie in Wonderland 3 Yes
Bunny Party Yes
Nero the Cat Witch Yes
The Next It Girl Special No
Love Sick 3 Yes
Ikemen School 2 Yes
Romantic Surprise No
Dark Tales 2 No
Dreamy Easter Yes
Shabby Chic No
Sinba Inu's Day Off No
Wonder Kiddos No
Love Sick 2 Yes
Ellie in Wonderland 2 Yes
A Maiden's Prayer No
Ellie in Wonderland 1 Yes
Winter Woods Bambi No
Girls In Bloom No
Black Sakura No
Ikemen School 1 Yes
Love Sick 1 Yes
Strawberry Potion No

LINE PLAY OriginalEdit

Name Available?
Tica Aug 2017 Yes
My Dear Closet Yes
OOTD 17 Yes
Melty Sweets Yes
Tica July 2017 Yes
Tica June 2017 Yes
My Merry Cherry Yes
Little Marguerite Yes
OOTD 16 Yes
Baby Blue Eyes Yes
OOTD 15 Yes
Tica May 2017 Yes
Denim Sailor No
Green Stripes No
OOTD 14 No
Tica Apr 2017 No
Sweet spring clover Yes
Picnic Tumult Yes
OOTD 13 No
Check Toy Poodles Yes
Our Heroic Saga Yes
OOTD 12 No
Beginners' Fashion Yes
Beginners' Room Yes
Tica Feb 2017 No
Black Cat Hall No
Cherry Special Yes

CanCam Edit

Name Available?
CanCam33 Yes
CanCam32 Yes
CanCam31 Yes
CanCam30 Yes
CanCam28 Interior Yes
CanCam28 Fashion Yes
CanCam27 Fashion Yes
CanCam26 Fashion Yes
CanCam25 Fashion Yes
CanCam25 Interior Yes
CanCam24 Hair Yes
CanCam24 Accessories Yes
CanCam23 Yes
CanCam22 Fashion Yes
CanCam22 Interior Yes
CanCam21 Yes
CanCam20 Yes
CanCam19 Fashion Yes
CanCam19 Interior Yes
CanCam18 Yes
CanCam17 Fashion Yes
CanCam Alphabet Cube Yes
CanCam16 Yes
CanCam15 Fashion Yes
CanCam15 Interior Yes
CanCam 14 Hairstyles Yes
CanCam 14 Fall Acessories Yes
CanCam13 Yes
CanCam12 Fashion Yes
CanCam12 Interior Yes
CanCam Accessories Yes
CanCam10 Yes
CanCam9 Yes
CanCam8 Fashion Yes
CanCam8 Interior Yes
CanCam7 Yes
CanCam6 Yes
CanCam5 Yes
CanCam4 Yes
CanCam3 Yes
CanCam 2 Yes
CanCam Fashion Yes
CanCam Interior Yes


Name Available?
Dino Brown Yes
Pom Pom Purin 3 Yes
Kanahei-SmallAnimals Yes
My Melody 4 Yes
Sumikko Café Yes
Korilakkuma Yes
Bugcat Capoo Yes
Hello Kitty 10 Yes
Never Lucky Show Yes
RiceMan Yes
Fushigi Yugi Yes
Gudetama 2 Yes
Get Rich Yes
Hakuoki Interior Yes
Hakuoki Fashion Yes
Hakuoki 2 Yes
Gudetama Yes
GIRL magazine Yes
To-Fu Oyako Yes
Banana Man 2 Yes
Tofu Cat Yes
Magical Mirai 2015 Yes
Lu's Yes
LittleTwinStars Yes
Rilakkuma 5 Yes
Rody 2 Yes
Hello Kitty 9 Yes
Black Comedy Yes
Cherng 2 Yes
PILI 2 Yes
Banana Man Yes
Rumbbell Yes
HH MeiMei Yes
Sugar Sugar Rune Yes
Rody Yes
Liar and His Lover Yes
Rilakkuma4 Yes
Song Song Meow Yes
Cheburashka 3 Yes
Assassination Classroom Yes
Snoopy Cafe Yes
Doraemon Winter Yes
Rilakkuma 3 Yes
SNOW MIKU 2015 Yes
Cherng Yes
Love Revolution Yes
Racing Miku '14 Yes
Noblesse 2 Yes
Mofy 3 Yes
Gaspard & Lisa Yes
GirlsOfTheWilds Yes
LiveWithDragons Yes
Snoopy 3 Gacha Yes
The Sound of Your Heart Yes
Snoopy 4 Yes
Rilakkuma 2 Yes
Sailor Moon 3 Yes
Sailor Moon Crystal 2 Yes
Evangelion 1 Yes
Hello Kitty 3 Yes
Sailor Moon Crystal Yes
Hello Kitty 6 Yes
Snoopy 1 Yes
Sumikko Gurashi Yes
Mamegoma Yes
Hello Kitty 2 Yes
Doraemon 3 Yes
Hello Kitty 1 Yes
Snoopy 5 Yes
My Melody 2 Yes
Sakura Miku Yes
Sentimental Circus Yes
Mofy 2 Yes
Rilakkuma 1 Yes
Noblesse Yes
Kapibara-San Yes
Evangelion 3 Yes
Pom Pom Purin Yes
Hello Kitty 5 Yes
Snow Miku 2014 Yes
My Melody 1 Yes
RinLen Kagamine Yes
Mofy 1 Yes
Doraemon 1 Yes
Evangelion 2 Yes


Name Available?
Tommy Cats6 No
WINNER-Seung Yoon Yes
2NE1 DARA 2 Yes
2NE1 BOM 4 Yes
2NE1 BOM 3 Yes
GOT7-Jackson 2 Yes
Kumicky 5 Yes
2PM Nichkhun 2 Yes
Koda Kumi 3 Yes
Pikarin Shina1 Yes
Pikarin Shiina2 Yes
Yukina Kinoshita 2 Yes
Paul McCartney 2 Yes
Kumi Koda 2 Yes
Ayumi Hamasaki 5 Yes
Tomomi Itano3 Yes
COT7 Yes
Kumicky 4 Yes
Yukina Kinoshita Yes
Yoshimoto's Stage Yes
Yu Darvish Yes
Tomomi Itano 2 Yes
Ayumi Hamasaki4 Yes
ShinjiroAtae AAA Yes
Paul McCartney Yes
So Ji Sub Yes
Kumicky 3 Yes
Tomomi Itano 1 Yes
Kumi Koda Yes
Ayumi Hamasaki3 Yes
Kishidan Yes
Kumicky 2 Yes
Kumicky 1 Yes
Ayumi Hamasaki2 Yes
Nichkhun Yes

LINE CharactersEdit

Name Available?
LINE Rangers Yes
Cute Cony Yes
Luxury James Yes
Cony Special 2 Yes
Brown Special 2 Yes
Moon Special 2 Yes
Jobless Moon Yes
Cony Special 1 Yes
Brown Special 1 Yes
Moon Special 1 Yes
LINE Character Yes

*Note: The items no longer available will be removed after a while.

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