GOLD RUSH is the fourth installment of Lineplay mini-game added to the Line Play family of games, and shows slight similarity to the game cookie-clicker in a sense that the user must tap the screen to proceed.

First a note on terminology. As the numbers get ridiculously large in this game, the game uses letters to represent orders of magnitude.

Any number with a letter suffix indicates that the number is a factor of 10 raised to some power as follows:

Letter 10 raised to the... numerical
A 3 1000
B 6 1,000,000
C 9 1,000,000,000
D 12 1,000,000,000,000

Thus 246F = 246,000,000,000,000,000,000 or 246 quintillion. You can have 99,999Z the most.

As the game progresses, both the damage you are inflicting on your enemies as well as the gold rewards you reap from their passing increases on these orders of magnitude.

The game is centered on Areas of 25 stages each, with a boss on each stage which is a multiple of 5. You pass stages by eliminating a set of 10 monsters per stage either by clicking to cause damage, or by using your background magic to damage them. Bosses are simply stronger monsters you must defeat within a 30-second time limit; if you fail to kill a boss in the time limit, you are returned to the previous stage, until you are ready to try again. You make your clicks more deadly, or increase your magic by spending the gold you earn through defeating said monsters and bosses. You can make boss fighting time longer by upgrading Sprites,

How to gain money quicker Edit

1) Seek out Treasure-chests Edit

About 1 in 30 or so stage monsters appear as a treasure chest with eyes in it. These monsters are worth ten-times what other monsters on their stage are. Considering it takes somewhere around 30-seconds to find a treasure-monster by clicking back-and-forth between your highest two stages to find one, if it is taking you longer than 4-seconds to kill a monster, you will probably be making more money by searching for treasure-monsters rather than slugging through whatever monster is served your way. This strategy is not really all that necessary in the lower areas, but if you wish to reach level 125 (and beyond?) this becomes VITAL to bring in the tons of money you need to purchase the higher level upgrades.

2) Use Gold Rush ONLY on Boss Stages Edit

There are four skills that you unlock as you progress through Area 1, the first 3 are useful for dealing extra damage and the fourth (Gold Rush) rains free cash money on you for 10-seconds. It is important that you use this whenever you can, and where it will generate the most gold for you. Gold Rush is much more effective on boss stages, so make sure to move to the closest boss stage to where you are before making it rain coins. EVEN IF THAT BOSS STAGE IS LOWER THAN WHERE YOU ARE!

How to spend money wisely Edit

1) Buy upgrades in groups of 25 Edit

On the Magic Upgrade tab you can spend gold to upgrade both your magic wand, as well as your background magic skills. In general it makes sense to upgrade a skill by 25 levels at a time, the first 24 levels increase a skill very slowly, but the 25th time either opens up a special power-up for that skill or once you surpass level 100, TRIPLES the power of that skill.

2) Don't neglect the less powerful skills Edit

Your newest skills will probably be contributing the most to your damage, but the older skills can still add to your power if you keep them current. Generally a skill that is 25 levels higher than the next skill can still contribute effectively to your overall magic power. Often you may be able to afford 25-levels in an older skill where you could not afford 10-levels in a newer skill, and if you upgrade the older skill first, you'll find it easier to kill more monsters faster, and earn enough gold to upgrade those newer skills.

Sprites and Clovers Edit

After completing an Area for the first time, you will receive a silver acorn and some clovers. The acorn can be used to grant you a Sprite which increases your overall damage, as well as some additional benefit (e.g. +30% Critical Damage, fewer monsters per stage, etc.) These sprites can be upgraded with clovers, to make your overall power that much stronger. Once a sprite has been upgraded 10 levels, it needs mushrooms to be promoted before it can be leveled up again.

You can gain extra clovers and mushrooms by running challenges, which is basically running through an Area again (having to buy all your magic again from the beginning) The challenges become manageable once you already have a few sprites, and you've racked up a few achievements which increase your global damage.

Conclusion Edit

If you keep these general tips up, you should be able to cruise through the first 3 Areas with minimal stress, while Areas 4 & 5 may require numerous hours of dedicated playing to push your way through.

** Side Note: Areas Edit

1) Rainbow Mushroom Forest

2) Aloha Beach

3) Deep Sea Floor

4) Haunted House

5) Witch's Coven

6) Dimensional Gate

More areas may be added in future updates.

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