Below are all the fish possible to catch in Fishypedia, along with details of what they look like, what color and how many stars.

Twelve GardenEdit

Certain gardens of the Twelve Garden arenas are available different times of the month. Occasionally, there will be special events where other gardens will be open for limited amount of time, usually a day or two.

New Year Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

New Year Garden

Snow Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Snow Garden

Love Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Love Garden

Doll Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Doll Garden

Cherry Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Cherry Garden

Carp Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Carp Garden

Wedding Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Wedding Garden

Sea Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Sea Garden

Festival Garden (Sea/River) [Special]Edit

Festival Garden

Rainbow CavernEdit

Cavern Entrance (Sea/River) [Elementary]Edit

Cavern Entrance

Cavern Interior (Sea/River) [Intermediate]Edit

Cavern Interior

Cavern Depths (Sea/River) [Advanced]Edit

Cavern Depths

Cavern Deep Trench (Sea/River) [Upper Advanced]Edit

Cavern Deep Trench

Big Game ArenaEdit

There is a new colour of fish every Big Game Arena period. Each Big Game Arena is 10 days.

Check the "Big Game Arena" button for the start/end date of the current period and current fish colour and tap the "Next Period" button (white button, top-right) after that for the time and colour of the next period.


Tokyo Bay (Sea) [Elementary]Edit

Tokyo Bay

Rural River (River) [Elementary]Edit

Rural River

Sunny Seaside (Sea) [Pre-Intermediate]Edit

Sunny Seaside

Lake Biwa (River) [Intermediate]Edit

Lake Biwa

Northern Sea (Sea) [Intermediate]Edit

Northern Sea

Kyoto Pond (River) [Upper Intermediate]Edit

Kyoto Pond

Boat (Sea) [Upper Intermediate]Edit


Clear Stream (River) [Advanced]Edit

Clear Stream

Tropical Sea (Sea) [Special]Edit

Tropical Sea


Hawaii (Sea) [Intermediate]Edit


Maui (Sea) [Advanced]Edit


Waikiki (Sea) [Upper Advanced]Edit



Estuary (River) [Advanced]Edit


Rainforest (River) [Upper Advanced]Edit


Deep Jungle (River) [Upper Advanced]Edit

Deep Jungle

Great Barrier ReefEdit

White Heaven Beach (Sea) [Ultra Advanced]Edit

White Heaven Beach

Lizard Island (Sea) [Ultra Advanced]Edit

Lizard Island


China (River) [Ultra Advanced]Edit


Vietnam (River) [Super Advanced]Edit


Secret FishEdit

Secret Fish 1Edit

Secret Fish 1

Secret Fish 2Edit

Secret Fish 2

Secret Fish 3Edit

Secret Fish 3

Secret Fish 4Edit

Secret Fish 4

Secret Fish 5Edit

Secret Fish 5

Secret Fish 6Edit

Secret Fish 6

Secret Fish 7Edit

Secret Fish 7

Secret Fish 8Edit

Secret Fish 8

Secret Fish 9Edit

Secret Fish 9