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Fishing is an activity you can do while at the Treasure Island Square. It only requires a Fishing Potion to work.

How to Fish

Tap the Start button to throw the lure into the water, and the button will change to say HIT.  Once the fish reacts to the lure and it sinks into the ocean, tap and then release the HIT button to catch the fish. It's recommended to play with the sound on, as your avatar will make a noise when a fish reacts to your lure.

If you need to quit fishing, Tap the Back button on the top left corner of the screen to quit fishing.

Fishing Skill

A high fishing skill is required if you want to catch a lot of fish. If your fishing skill is low, then fish won't react to your lure and your chance of fishing up trash will increase. Your fishing skill can be checked from the Collect menu on the top right corner of the Treasure Island Square. Every time your fishing skill increases a chat window will appear showing your skill, and you can also check it whenever you catch a fish.

Even if you fish up trash your skill has a fixed chance to increase by 1, and if you actually catch a fish then there's an even higher chance for your skill to go up by 1.  The larger the fish you catch the higher the chance that your skill will increase. You can increase your fishing skill temporarily by using a Fishing Skill Potion from the Potion Shop.


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Left to Right: Fishing Potion, Fishing Skill Potion, and Big Catch Potion.

There are currently 3 types of potions that can be purchased for fishing on Treasure Island:

  • Fishing Potion - (2,000 gems) Blue in appearance, this potion allows users to fish for 30 minutes.
  • Fishing Skill Potion - (3,000 gems) Purple with a yellow arrow facing upwards, this potion increases the user's skill by 1,000 points for 30 minutes.
  • Big Catch Potion - (3,000 gems) Gold with a red tag, this potion increases the user's chances of catching 2-star fish for 30 minutes.


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The four fishing spots as pictured on Line Play.

Fishing spots have four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Crown. If you go to a fishing spot that is higher than

your skill level, then the chances of you fishing up trash are greatly increased.

  • Bronze - The Recommend fishing skill is 0 to 2,000.
  • Silver - Recommended fishing skill is 2,001 to 5,000.
  • Gold - Recommended fishing skill is 5,001 to 9,999.
  • Crown - Recommended fishing skill is 10,000 and up.

Different fish appear in each spot, so if a specific fish isn't appearing then try fishing at a new one.

Fish Sizes

All fish are classified as being either small, medium, or large in size. Although your skill has a higher chance to increase when catching large fish, they do not appear as often as small fish. Small fish will be displayed with an (S), medium fish with an (★), and large fish with (★★). If a large fish appears then a special animation of a shark will display before they react to your lure.

Brown and Sally Bonuses

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The Brown and Sally bonuses are temporary effects that you can receive as a reward for completing weekend quests. They improve your fishing skill by 1,000 and 500 respectively. The effect of the bonuses will expire at 10 pm every Friday (GMT+9).

If your fishing skill is 2,000 and you have a Brown bonus (+1,0

00) in effect, your skill will increase to 3,000, making your appropriate fishing spot Silver instead of Bronze.

If a bonus is in effect, you will see a number such as +500 in your Collection Book and you'll see a mini Brown or Sally holding a fishing rod above your head once you enter Treasure Island. Once the effect expires, the number will disappear.

Collection Book

You can view all the fish you've caught in the Collection Book. It can be viewed from the Collect menu on the top right of the Treasure Island Square. You'll get bonus Gems as a reward for each page of the book you complete, and you'll have to fish in all of the levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crown) in order to collect them all.

The Fish

IMG 7420

Organized by page and listed by its official position, name, and size in the Collection Book.

Page 1:

Mackerel (S) Crucian Carp (S) Loach (S)
Sardine (S) Carp (S) Sea Bass (S)
Yellowtail (S) Trout (S) Bluegill (S)

Page 2:

Cod (S) Tilapia (S) False Gudgeon (S)
Lungfish (S) Rice fish (S) Sponge (S)
Pacific Herring (M) Pond Smelt (M) Starfish (M)

Page 3:

Carp (M) Yellowtail (M) Bluegill (M)
Cod (M) Tilapia (M) Rice fish (L)
Sponge (M) Salmon (S) Alaska pollock (S)

Page 4:

Crucian Carp (L) Loach (M) Sea bass (L)
Trout (M) False gudgeon (M) Pacific herring (S)
Pond smelt (S) Starfish (S) Salmon (M)

Page 5:

Crucian Carp (M) Sardine (M) Sea bass (M)
Bluegill (L) Lungfish (M) Rice fish (M)
Sponge (L) Starfish (L) Alaska pollock (M)

Page 6:

Mackerel (L) Loach (L) Carp (L)
Coral (S) Cod (L) Catfish (S)
Lungfish (L) Pond smelt (L) Alaska pollock (L)

Page 7:

Striped Beakfish (S) Trout (L) Ugui minnow (S)
Tilapia (L) Largehead hairtail (S) False gudgeon (L)
Pacific herring (L) Salmon (L) Amur ide (M)

Page 8:

Mackerel (M) Saw-edged perch (S) Black porgy (S)
Yellowtail (L) Snakehead fish (S) Righteye flounder (S)
Pike (S) Clown triggerfish (S) Sardine (L)

Page 9:

Red sea bream (S) Catfish (M) Largemouth bass (S)
Sheepshead (S) Lenok (S) Barbel (S)
Grayling (S) Stingray (M) Coral (M)

Page 10:

Striped beakfish (M) Saw-edged perch (M) Black porgy (M)
Ugui minnow (M) Snakehead fish (M) Largehead hairtail (M)
Pike (M) Amur ide (L) Righteye flounder (M)

Page 11:

Red sea bream (M) Catfish (L) Clown triggerfish (M)
Largemouth bass (M) Sheepshead (M) Lenok (L)
Grayling (M) Flounder (S) Saw-edged perch (L)

Page 12:

Coral (L) Snakehead fish (L) Largehead hairtail (L)
Pike (L) Clown triggerfish (L) Sheephead (L)
Amur ide (S) Flounder (M) Goldfish (M)

Page 13:

Piranha (S) Red sea bream (L) Ugui minnow (L)
Righteye flounder (L) Largemouth bass (L) Lenok (M)
Barbel (L) Grayling (L) Stingray (S)

Page 14:

Rosy bitterling (S) Barbel (M) Stingray (L)
Moray eel (S) Spiny bitterling (S) Nibe croaker (S)
Goldfish (S) Malaysian haddock (S) Black porgy (L)

Page 15:

Piranha (M) Striped beakfish (L) Pennant coralfish (S)
? Flounder (L) Moray eel (M)
Spiny bitterling (M) Nibe croaker (M) Malaysian haddock (M)

Page 16:

Yellowtail clownfish (S) Cichild (S) Guppy (S)
Rosy bitterling (L) Top minnow (S) Nibe croaker (L)
Whitefish (S) Bluegill Acala (S) Malaysian haddock (L)

Page 17:

Piranha (L) Yellowtail clownfish (M) Cichlid (M)
Guppy (M) Pennant coralfish (M) Moray eel (L)
Top minnow (M) Whitefish (M) Bluegill Acala (M)

Page 18:

Yellowtail clownfish (L) Cichlid (L) Guppy (L)
Pennant coralfish (L) Spiny bitterling (L) Top minnow (L)
Goldfish (L) ? Bluegill Acala (L)

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