Fruit Monsters is one of the four mini-games offered in line play. The game is a spin-off of Bejeweled, with games such as "Candy Crush" or "애니팡 (Anipang)" falling into this category. Although the game is largely reliant on IAP and luck, skill affects the output to a certain degree. The large incentive for lineplayers to play this game is the item reward that could be either used on the avatar or a room decoration that can't be obtained otherwise.

History Edit

This mini-game was first launched in 2013.

Screenshot from 2014 showing how the background has changed

Over the past years several major changes have been made to the UI and wallpapers overall. Previously, sections were divided up with a specific theme.

Gameplay Edit

Overview Edit

There are currently 15 sections in the game with each section constituting of 20 levels, giving a total of 300 levels. Each section is labeled with a 'c' title (ex. the first section is C1, the second is C2). After a stage is beaten, depending on the score reached (aside from the requirement to beat the level), the player can receive 0-3 stars, 3 stars being a perfect game. Scores can be also be ranked between friends added on lineplay if they have finished the same level.

Missions Edit

Missions need to be completed to move on to the next stage. If successful, the player will get 1 energy. Some stages have more than one mission while stages with time limits definitely have other missions. If players complete the missions before the moves runs out, the moves left will turn some fruit blocks into special blocks.

Destroy the Mission Blocks Edit

Players need to match the required block to destroy the blocks. There is usually more than one block to destroy.

Achieve the Score Objective Edit

Players need to get to the required score.

Destroy the Obstacle Edit

Players need to match fruits beside the obstacle to destroy it. Ice, ice plates, and nets are all obstacles. Ice blocks the way. Nets prevent the block from moving.

Move the Parts Edit

Players need to move down the required objects to the bottom of the "board".

Time Limits Edit

Players need to complete missions before time runs out. However, there are special blocks which you can match with blocks, in order to add a bonus 5 seconds.

Clear Oxygen Tanks Edit

Players need to match fruits with Oxygen tanks. They might explode when the player doesn't clear them within 9 moves and there's a -3 moves penalty.

Rewards & Stars Edit

Stars play a major role in counting toward the reward. The player needs to get to the required score to get stars. There are 3 stars to get in each stage. Each section has 6 available rewards requiring 10 stars per reward, cumulatively (the first reward requires 10, the second rewards requires 10 more, etc.). Rewards vary from items that can be used on avatars to room decorations. Rarity varies from common to super rare. The further one progresses into the game, the greater the rarity of the rewarded items.

Boosts & Supports Edit

There are currently 10 types of Boosts and 4 types of Powerups available.

Store Edit

There are four categories to the store where purchases can be made to assist gameplay.

Hot Edit

Icon Name Amount Price
Unlimited energy for 2 hours 2 hrs 40 Cash
3 Sparks appear for every 3 combos 5 8 Cash
At the start a 5x5 Bomb will appear 5 12 Cash
Every 5 turns a random special block will appear 5 12 Cash
Shuffle all blocks and create 1 Special block 5 8 Cash
Energy 20 32 Cash

Boost Edit

Icon Name Amount Price
3 Sparks appear for every 3 combos 5 8 Cash
A random special blocks will appear 5 2,000 Gem
Score goes up with more combos 5 2,000 Gem
Adds an additional 5 turns 5 2,000 Gem
Adds 10% to score after last bonus 5 2,000 Gem
1 Captain fruit monster on game start 5 2,000 Gem
At the start a 5x5 Bomb will appear 5 12 Cash
At the start a 3x3 Cross Laser block will appear 5 12 Cash
Every 5 turns a random special block will appear 5 12 Cash
Adds limit time 10 seconds 5 2,000 Gem

Support Edit

Icon Name Amount Price
Shuffle all blocks and create 1 Special block 5 8 Cash
Clears 1 block of your choice 5 8 Cash
Switch positions with any adjacent Monster 5 8 Cash
Time until oxygen tanks explode extended by 3 turns 5 8 Cash

Energy Edit

Icon Name Amount Price
Unlimited energy for 2 hours 2 hrs 40 Cash
Energy 5 10 Cash
Energy 10 18 Cash
Energy 20 32 Cash

Quest Edit

There are currently three quests available.

Quest Prize
Play 10 times 300 Gems
Collect 20 Star 300 Gems
Create 200 Special Blocks 300 Gems

Stages Edit

Section C1

Stage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Stage 6Stage 7Stage 8Stage 9Stage 10Stage 11Stage 12Stage 13Stage 14Stage 15Stage 16Stage 17Stage 18Stage 19Stage 20

Section C2

Stage 21Stage 22Stage 23Stage 24Stage 25Stage 26Stage 27Stage 28Stage 29Stage 30Stage 31Stage 32Stage 33Stage 34Stage 35Stage 36Stage 37Stage 38Stage 39Stage 40

Section C3

Stage 41Stage 42Stage 43Stage 44Stage 45Stage 46Stage 47Stage 48Stage 49Stage 50Stage 51Stage 52Stage 53Stage 54Stage 55Stage 56Stage 57Stage 58Stage 59Stage 60

Section C4

Stage 61Stage 62Stage 63Stage 64Stage 65Stage 66Stage 67Stage 68Stage 69Stage 70Stage 71Stage 72Stage 73Stage 74Stage 75Stage 76Stage 77Stage 78Stage 79Stage 80

Section C5

Stage 81Stage 82Stage 83Stage 84Stage 85Stage 86Stage 87Stage 88Stage 89Stage 90Stage 91Stage 92Stage 93Stage 94Stage 95Stage 96Stage 97Stage 98Stage 99Stage 100

Section C6

Stage 101Stage 102Stage 103Stage 104Stage 105Stage 106Stage 107Stage 108Stage 109Stage 110Stage 111Stage 112Stage 113Stage 114Stage 115Stage 116Stage 117Stage 118Stage 119Stage 120

Section C7

Stage 121Stage 122Stage 123Stage 124Stage 125Stage 126Stage 127Stage 128Stage 129Stage 130Stage 131Stage 132Stage 133Stage 134Stage 135Stage 136Stage 137Stage 138Stage 139Stage 140

Section C8

Stage 141Stage 142Stage 143Stage 144Stage 145Stage 146Stage 147Stage 148Stage 149Stage 150Stage 151Stage 152Stage 153Stage 154Stage 155Stage 156Stage 157Stage 158Stage 159Stage 160

Section C9

Stage 161Stage 162Stage 163Stage 164Stage 165Stage 166Stage 167Stage 168Stage 169Stage 170Stage 171Stage 172Stage 173Stage 174Stage 175Stage 176Stage 177Stage 178Stage 179Stage 180

Section C10

Stage 181Stage 182Stage 183Stage 184Stage 185Stage 186Stage 187Stage 188Stage 189Stage 190Stage 191Stage 192Stage 193Stage 194Stage 195Stage 196Stage 197Stage 198Stage 199Stage 200

Section C11

Stage 201Stage 202Stage 203Stage 204Stage 205Stage 206Stage 207Stage 208Stage 209Stage 210Stage 211Stage 212Stage 213Stage 214Stage 215Stage 216Stage 217Stage 218Stage 219Stage 220

Section C12

Stage 221Stage 222Stage 223Stage 224Stage 225Stage 226Stage 227Stage 228Stage 229Stage 230Stage 231Stage 232Stage 233Stage 234Stage 235Stage 236Stage 237Stage 238Stage 239Stage 240

Section C13

Stage 241Stage 242Stage 243Stage 244Stage 245Stage 246Stage 247Stage 248Stage 249Stage 250Stage 251Stage 252Stage 253Stage 254Stage 255Stage 256Stage 257Stage 258Stage 259Stage 260

Section C14

Stage 261Stage 262Stage 263Stage 264Stage 265Stage 266Stage 267Stage 268Stage 269Stage 270Stage 271Stage 272Stage 273Stage 274Stage 275Stage 276Stage 277Stage 278Stage 279Stage 280

Section C15

Stage 281Stage 282Stage 283Stage 284Stage 285Stage 286Stage 287Stage 288Stage 289Stage 290Stage 291Stage 292Stage 293Stage 294Stage 295Stage 296Stage 297Stage 298Stage 299Stage 300

Strategy Edit