Ellie in Wonderland is a Go for Love! spin-off Gacha Series about Ellie having a dream about all characters in Go for Love! in a Alice in Wonderland setting. Eventually, Ellie wakes up and tells everyone about the dream she had. There is no player voting.  

Story Edit

It was another busy day of magazine shoots for Ellie, but as she's taking a break she spots a running Hiro in odd attire. She chases after Hiro which leads up to her mysterious journey of Ellie in Wonderland.

Ellie falls down into a rabbit hole as she's chasing Hiro. She meets up with the Mad Hatter who resembles Ren. She realizes she is lost in a strange and twisted world, and questions how will she ever find Hiro again.

While dancing with the Bonnie Cat, Ellie is led to a palace enveloped in a gorgeous rose garden. Just then, a handsome prince appears. And what's more, he's falling for Ellie! His powers let him turn all the white roses in the garden to Ellie's favorite shade of pink.

Ellie is invited to the Prince of Heart's royal banquet, but it's not just an ordinary dinner date. The Prince of Hearts takes a plunge and proposes! Ellie realizes she still has Hiro and refuses.

She wakes up and is face-to-face with the real Hiro. She gets mad at him and says to never leave her alone ever again. He tells her not to worry and promises her he won't.

Ellie invites Hiro, Bonnie, and Ren to a tea party where she tells them about her dream. They all make jokes about it and laughed as they enjoyed their tea party among the flowers in the real world.

Characters Edit

  • Ellie (Alice)
  • Hiro (White Rabbit)
  • Bonnie (Cheshire Cat)
  • Ren (Mad Hatter)
  • Prince of Heart

Gachapons Edit