Daily Quests can be done each day for Gems. It can be found at the top of the screen where it says "Quest" on a yellow circle. This is where you can check weekend quest and your Today's Gift Log.

Daily Quests are one of the free ways to get Gems. You can receive up to 2,500Gem each day. They are reset at 05:00 (GMT+9).

List of Daily Quests Edit

Daily Quest Requirement Reward
Pet your pet. 0/3 300 Gem
Try out the 'Hello' at the room party. 0/5 300 Gem
Fish up the trash in Treasure Island. 0/20 500 Gem
High Five in the Square. 0/20 300 Gem
Clean up messy rooms. 0/20 300 Gem
Water the thirsty plants. 0/20 300 Gem
Send Hearts to Avatars & Pets. 0/20 500 Gem
Magic in Squares. 0/1 300 Gem

Tips Edit

  • Pets who are already registered as your pet can only be petted once to wake it up. Pets who still need cuddles can be petted two times a day for free. You can pet someone else's pet once if they aren't a registered pet yet.
  • It is highly recommended new players do the Fishing daily quest as much as possible with their free potions.
  • Out of all Squares, the New York Times Square is the best one for High Fives since many gather there.
  • Players can check their notifications on the top left corner, and then tap on the Bell icon again to see all received hearts. It makes it easier to send hearts to avatars since you can just tap the Heart icon to give one back.
  • Cleaning up messy rooms and watering thirsty plants will count if you do it in your own room too. It's highly recommended you give your room space to roam so players can access the bubble icons to do their dailies.
  • You can send hearts to the same avatar only once a day. However, you can send hearts to the same pet more than once a day. You can also go on a random squares (New York square may be the best) and send hearts to random pets and avatars, and they will hopefully heart you back.
  • To complete the "Magic in Squares" daily quest, you have to go into a square and find someone with a Super Epic Magic item. Tap on the Magic Star icon above the avatar's head and you will complete the quest. Anyone who purchased the monthly Super Epic Magic item through the preorder event will automatically complete it.