Count Cat's Invitation
Gacha Information
Category VIP, Super Upgrade, Upgrade
Description A cat & his curious invitation. Don't be scared! Sit back and relax. It's tea time!
Release Date May 1, 2018
Expiry Date May 31, 2018
Cost Cash 15

Count Cat's Invitation is a limited-time VIP Gacha. Purchasing an item from this gatcha costs 15 cash a turn. The first time is 100% off. However, for 135 cash on the first turn, a player can receive 10x items at once. Despite it saying 150 Cash, it will always cost 135 cash for 10x items.

The gacha consisted of 53 individual items, including hair, makeup, interior items, fashion items, and the exclusive pet Richard.

Only Platinum and higher VIP members can play this gacha.

Items Edit