Cherry's Tips is a feature in LINE PLAY that helps players. It can be found in More > Cherry's Tips. There are currently 32 tips.

Cherry's Tips

List of Tips Edit

01 Nine interior sets to choose from! Easily switch between room interiors on the fly.
Version 4.2 UPDATE
Now easier than ever Quick Picks feature!
You can now save up to 9 unique room interiors!
Cherry: Easily switch between room interiors on the fly.
02 Unleash your inner fashionista! How to buy something worn by another avatar.
Unleash Your Inner Fashionista!
You can purchase hot items your friends are wearing straight from their avatars' profiles!
  • The 'Worn item' button will only appear on avatars of the same type (girl/boy/animal).
  • Not all worn item can be purchased.
03 Video recording feature upgraded! Keep treasured memories from squares and room parties!
Video recording feature upgraded!
Record all of your unforgettable memories in squares and at room parties!
04 Invite your friends to squares! Hang out together! Squares are more fun with friends.
Invite your friends to squares!
Hang out together!
Squares are more fun with friends.
05 Take a stroll with your pets❤ Pets can now join you in squares and room parties!
Take a stroll with your pets!
Whether it's in a square, or at a room party, now your pets can join you there!
Cherry: in a square, at a room party
06 Posting LINE PLAY videos to your Diary Record and post! Share LINE PLAY videos in your Diary!
Version 4.3
Record and post!
Share videos in your Diary!
What good are videos if you can't share them? Start spreading the fun to friends through your Diary!
Cherry: Start taking cool videos in your room!
07 Bring your room to life with animated wallpaper!
Bring your room to life with animated wallpaper!
Beat the heat this summer with chillingly creepy and groovy animated walls!
Dark Fallen Angels Dark Forest Wallpaper
Spiff up your room with psychedelic walls!
08 Cleaning your closet! With these you can clean out your duplicate fashion items in a flash!
Refresh your closet this summer!
Easily clean up your closet with these two handy buttons!
Stop procrastinating and clean out that closet!
Press the Recycle button.
Press the Sort item button.
With these you can clean out your duplicate fashion items in a flash!
09 Wish lists Let your friends know how much you mean to them!
What do you wish for?
Wish lists
Add items to your *wish list* from the *profile page* of your diary.
Cherry: Let your friends know what you want!
Your friends might surprise you with a gift!
10 Introducing music items! Add music to your LINE PLAY world!
Delight your eyes and ears!
music items!
Tip: Playing music items
In Gacha with a music icon
tap music items to hear them
Cherry: I can't wait to hear the next item!
11 New animated eye items! Get hooked on mysterious eyes
Addicted to amazing eyes!
Animated eye item released
  • Cherry's Tip on animated eyes*
Select eyes with *a ▶ icon* to try them on.
See your eyes sparkle in various colors!
Cherry: Can't wait for more fun eyes!
12 Choose your playmates! Which pets should I pick?
Choose your playmates!
Cherry: Which pets should I pick?
Cherry's Tip on picking pets
Go to *My Pets* in the Pet Book
Then select *the star icon!
  • Max 2 pets at one time!
You can change your pet followers by deselecting their stars to free up space for new ones!
13 Bring your pets upstairs with you! Remodel your room to get more pets!
Bring your pets upstairs with you!
You can now play with pets on any floor.
Cherry: Remodel your room to get more pets!
  • You can keep up to 5 pets on each floor!
  • You no longer need to keep pet items out of your 2 personal pet followers!
14 Searching with avatar codes Hey, everyone! Find your friends the easy way!
Hey, everyone! Find your friends the easy way!
Searching with avatar codes
James: Hi, I'm James! Add me as a friend :)
Cherry: There's over 200 Jameses here! What's your avatar code?
James: Avatar what?!
  • Go to Profile > Avatar Code to see your code!
  • Tap Copy Code to share it with friends on LINE, Facebook, Twitter, and more!
James: Great! Then what?
  • Now I just go to Friends > Add Friends > Search.
  • I just pop your code in the Avatar Code tab and I get just you and not your 200 clones! Voila!
James: That's me! I knew I was that handsome! Ooh ooh add me!
Cherry: Stand out with avatar codes!
15 Add items straight from the Gift Shop.Add to wish list Make wishes come true! Add favorites to your wish list!
Add Items Straight from the GIFT SHOP
  • Make wishes come true~* Add favorites to your wish list!
You can now add items to the WISH LIST straight from the Gift Shop!
From the home screen, go to *Shop > Gifts* and tap the *Wish List* button in the upper right corner.
You can view all items in your wish list from here. You can add up to *4 items* to the list!
If you want to get rid of an item, just tap *Delete!* Then tap *OK* and you're done.
When your list is full, you can also swap an item in for another by tapping *Swap.*
See? Easy, right? Okay, now let's try adding and deleting Gift Shop items!
Select an item you want in the Gift Shop and tap *'Add to wish list'*
If your wish list is full, tap *'Remove from wish list' to make room.
Who knows? Your friends might surprise you!
16 Configure notifications Toggle notifications with a single tap!
Toggle notifications with a single tap!
Cherry: Have a good night!
Those message notifications just keep coming! Sometimes nothing beats a little peace and quiet. Use the NOTIFICATIONS SETTINGS!
Select *Settings* from *More* and then tap *Notifications*!
Tap the ON *button* next to *Notifications (App off)*. All notifications will be turned off whenever LINE PLAY isn't open!
Similarly, tap the ON *button* next to *Notifications (App on)* to disable all notifications even when LINE PLAY is open.
See how easy configuring notifications is? Next, let's look at toggling individual notifications.
You can toggle notifications for receiving messages, preview displays, and news in each option!
Become a LINE PLAY notification master! Use these setting to tailor your notifications to any situation!
Cherry: I'm gonna sleep tight tonight!
17 Optimize Unwanted data only Put your LINE PLAY on a diet
Unwanted data only Put your LINE PLAY on a diet
Cherry: Optimize!
James: Ever notice when your avatar starts walking sluggishly in LINE PLAY?
Cherry: That's where *OPTIMIZATION* comes in! Delete your app's unneeded data to speed up LINE PLAY and keep things fun.
James: Wow! There's a feature for that?! Just tell me what to do!
Cherry: Sure! Here's all you need to know. This way, James!
Go to*More > Settings* and tap *Manage Storage*!
Then just tap the big *OPTIMIZE* button! Now watch as your LINE PLAY goes on a diet!
James: That was easy! Teehee! Thanks, Cherry, you really are the smart one!
Cherry: Optimize regularly to keep your LINE PLAY running smooth!
Join LINE PLAY faster and easier than ever
18 Photo sending feature Chatting with friends gets more fun!
Chatting with friends gets more fun!
Cherry: Your time chatting will just fly by!
01 Chatting with friends
Tap the Friends button on your home screen and then tap the Chat button on your friend list.
02 Sending photos
Tap the Send a Photo button.
03 Choosing camera or album
To take and a send a photo choose Camera. To send a photo to your album choose Album.
Sending photos is easy, right? Let me tell you how to save those photos from your friends too!
04 Enlarging and saving photos
You can select photos from your friends and enlarge them.
Maybe I'll send a photo of my cake today...
  • Don't send any inappropriate photos to your friends!
  • Don't send any personal information (like your LINE ID or phone number) in your photos!
19 Permanent benefits Introducing VIP Royal! Never fear! These benefits won't disappear!
Permanent benefits Introducing VIP Royal
Cherry: Never fear! These benefits won't disappear!
Sebastian: Allow me, Sebastian, to describe the new VIP Royal benefits.
01 Tap the VIP icon
From the Home screen, tap VIP > VIP Benefits > to check out the new Star graph!
02 Star graph
Check out the number of Stars you collected since the VIP system came out.
When your [total number of Stars collected] passes 5,000, you'll become a VIP Royal member!
03 Check your Mailbox
Once you become a Royal member, check your Mailbox from the home screen. We've prepared a special present to celebrate your rise to glory!
04 Permanent benefits Introducing VIP Royal!
Animation Gacha 15% permanent discount 10% Gem recharge bonus and all of the other Diamond Rank benefits are yours forever!
Check out the [VIP Benefits] page to learn more!
20 Face Shop tickets Transform your avatar on the cheap!
Transform your avatar on the cheap!
Face Shop tickets
Cherry: Today feels like an odd-eye day!
Get your avatar a makeover with tickets instead of Gems! Let me show you how it's done!
Select the Shop from the Home screen, and then tap the Face icon.
From the Face shop, tap the Buy tickets button.
Tickets let you get up to 50% off purchases!
Select the face you want and tap the Use tickets button!
Check the expiration dates, of the tickets you own.
Go to the Face Shop without breaking a sweat!
21 Upgrading items Get special items you can't get anywhere else!
Get special items you can't get anywhere else!
Upgrading items
Cherry: Never worry about getting the same item twice again!
01 Upgrade Gacha
Go to More > Shop > Gacha from the home screen and look for the UPGRADE
02 Check for Upgrade items
1 Look out for items with an UPGRADE tag.
2 Get the number of items needed for upgrade.
03 Upgrade!
Once you've gathered the required items, tap the Upgrade button!
04 Eye-popping action items
Ta-da! Finally obtain those rare action items!
05 Put on the action item
Putting on this action item will let your avatar float through the air!
Look forward to a wide range of action items!
  • Look out for Upgrade items before hitting that Organize button in your closet!
  • You can't upgrade the duplicate items you recycled!
22 With Dodo! With Dodo? What's that?
With DODO!
Use LINE PLAY with friends more often, more actively, and more conveniently with lots of cool new features! Here to show them off is Dodo and me. Over to you, Dodo!
Hey LINE PLAY-errrs! I'm here to tell you all about diaries, the "What's NEW" feed, chats, and more! Everrrything you need to make the most of friends on LINE PLAY!
With DODO preview
01 What's NEW overhaul!
When you check up on your friends and just want to gather up their Hearts
02 Story
Take snapshots with your avatar!
Now that's just a preview! There's lots more good stuff in the works!
Coming Soon~ with DODO
23 What's NEW overhaul! Stay on top of things with the What's NEW screen.
Stay on top of things with the What's NEW screen.
What's NEW overhaul! with DODO
Hi folks! I'm here to tell you about the overrrhauled What's NEW screen. Take a look!
01 What's NEW
Tap the What's NEW button from your Home screen. A little red dot will show if you've got news.
02 Keep track of LINE PLAY news
  • Friends' diaries
  • LINE PLAY announcements
Currrious about that notification on your What's NEW bell icon? Give it a tap-it won't kill you!
03 Check your notifications
  • Hearts from friends
  • Comments and stickers on your diary posts
  • Cuddle your personal pets and get Hearts
You can check all these notifications and more!
So that number is the same as my number of notifications! Now I can quickly split up and check all my news and notifications when I want! See What's NEW
24 Story Take cool selfies with your avatarrr!
Take cool selfies with your avatar! STORY
DodoL I've always wanted to take pictures with my avatar!
From your Diary or STORY, tap New Entry followed by the Story icon
02 Adjust your avatar's pose
Change your avatar's size freely. You can also change its position, rotate, and flip it!
03 Choose from lots of poses
Tap Camera and then the Avatar icon. Choose the best pose for your avatar from the list!
Herrre's a tip! Change up your avatar and apply it to your Story to see your updated avatar in Story mode!
04 Taking photos
Tap the Take a photo icon! Your avatar will show up in your shots!
05 Posting
Write a comment and then tap Done!
Cherry: I can't wait to get started!
25 Cherry's Library LINE PLAY the smart way
Cherry's Library
James: Cherry! Are you here for another issue of Cherry's Tips? I'm a huge fan! I'm still kicking myself over accidentally skipping your last one.
Cherry: Don't worry, James! There's now a place where you can read all of Cherry's Tips from up until now!
James: Wh-What? You mean I can now read Cherry's Tips whenever I want?
Cherry: That's right! Every one of Cherry's Tips are in one place!
01 Where to find Cherry's Tips
Go to More > Cherry's Tips
02 Cherry's Library
Here you can see every Cherry's Tips issue to date. From Room Deco save slots to using the new Story mode, it's all here!
James: Bravo, Cherry! I'd forgotten how to look up avatar codes, but with this I know just where to look!
Cherry: If you want to brush up on old or new features alike, head to Cherry's Library for all the answers.
Discover every tip and trick in LINE PLAY!
Look for Cherry's Library after the 4.7 update.
26 New diary features Reply to whoever you want-across the world!/ Communicating just got easier
Reply to whoever you want-across the world
Ever wish you cloud rrreply just to the people who commented on your post? Now you can enter your frrriends' names in posts to mention them!
01 How to post a comment
Go to Diary and find a friend's comment. Tap the icon next to the comment and select Comment.
02 Other ways to reply
Go to Diary and select a comment. Enter a @ followed by your friend's name and reply.
Dodo: Fing-a-ba-ding! Your mentioned frrriends will get a handy notification!
Dodo: I hate not being able to rrread diary posts in other languages! But now I'm ready to become a real international cat!
03 Translating
If you see a post in a language you don't know, just tap the Translate button!
HERE'S ANOTHER TIP! If you want to make friends from around the world, turn on your Global settings!
04 Making international friends
Go to Settings > Privacy > Global and turn on Display on Global Search
Now you know how to boost communication on your diarrry! Get out there and become top cat today!
27 Quick stress-free closet searches Can't find an item? Try searching by rarity or page!/ Communicating just got easier
Can't find an item? Try searching by rarity or page!
Quick stress-free CLOSET SEARCHES!
James: Where is that item I was totally going to wear today?
Cherry: I've got so many awesome accessories, I can never find what I'm looking for! Never again! Now you can search for items by rarity too!
01 Where's my closet again?
My Room > Menu > Closet, or More > Closet
02 Search by rarity
Tap the All menu, Search by rarity!
You can even search for items by rarity from within each category!
03 Category > Rarity level
So suppose you want to find a Super Rare dress item, simply select the dress category and then Super Rare!
04 Check page numbers!
Scroll through the closet search bar! You'll now find page numbers! Note the page number to come back for an item anytime!
Also great for sorting out those pesky duplicate items!
James: Awww yeah! Thanks to Cherry, the road to fashionista sistahood has never been faster!
Cherry: Today, I'm going out in nothing but Ultra Rare threads!
28 Make your Story pics even better Add those finishing touches to your photos with brushes!
Add those finishing touches to your photos with brushes!
Make your Story pics even better
Cherry: Now you can decorate all your important pics in Story mode!
01 Story mode
From your Diary or Story, tap New Entry followed by the Story icon
02 Album
You can also load saved photos from your phone! Tap the album icon and choose the photos you like.
Once you've loaded your photos in Story mode,
03 Draw a picture
Tap the Drawing icon > Brush icon and choose your favorite color. Use the eraser to fix any mistakes. Tapping the trash can icon will reset all your changes.
04: Pose updates
Tap the Avatar icon and check out the new winter poses.
05 Take a photo and make a new entry!
Take a selfie with your avatar! Write a special message and you're done!
If you want to learn more about Story mode just check out *Cherry's Tips #24* to learn all about it!
29 iOS or Android, it doesn't matter.Your Stars are always with you! Got a new phone? Take your Stars with you!
iOS or Android, it doesn't matter
Your Stars are always with you!
12 am, Jan 1, 2017 (GMT+9) Starting
Cherry: Got a new phone? Take your Stars with you!
James: I got a new phone, but all my Stars will disappear!
Cherry: Don't worry, James! Now, even if you use a new device your Stars will go with you!
James: So, even if I log in to a different device, I'll still be a VIP?
Cherry: Of course! Don't worry about if it's iOS or Android-your VIP status will stay the same!
James: Great! Glad to hear I'll still be a VIP. I've got to keep collecting Stars!
Cherry: Let me tell you about two ways to check how many Stars you've got.
01 First!
Tap the VIP icon on the Home screen and then check at the About VIP.
02 Second!
Tap the Gem or Cash button on the Home screen, then find your status at the bottom of the screen.
Cherry: Make sure to get lots of Stars in 2017!
30 Share my diary Save and share friends' pics and comments in your diary!
Save and share friends' pics and comments in your diary!
Cherry: DODO~ My friends' diary posts are just too cute! If only I could save and share them all from one location...
Dodo: Frrret not, Cherry! This purrfect little feature has got your back! Now you can share prrrecious posts from friends' diaries to your own diary-with minimal fuss!
01 Diary
Go to Home > Friends > Friend's profile > Diary OR Visit their room to check out their diary from there!
02 Sharing posts
Tap the Share (arrow) icon on the botton-right side of a post and tap Yes on the pop-up to confirm!
03 Posting to your diary
Simply add any comment you want to share and tap Done!
04 Finding out which avatars have shared a post
Tap the gray button showing the number of shares in the bottom-right corner of a post to see a list of avatars who have shared that post.
What if I don't want my diary to be shared by other avatars? Go to Settings > Privacy > Diary and set "Allow your posts to be shared" to Off.
Try sharing friends'posts to your own diary today!
31 Gacha tickets Log in daily for free Gacha plays!
Log in daily for free Gacha plays!
Spin and WIN with free Gacha tickets
James: Whoa! Where've you been, CHerry? It's been ages since the last Cherry's Tips!
Cherry: Don't worry! You'll be seeing a lot more of me. I promise. I've got a fresh tip today just for you! This tip is all about Gacha tickets!
James: Gacha tickets? WHat are those? Oooooh, I'm dying to know!
Cherry: These tickets give you one free Gacha play on select Gacha! Here's all you need to know, so listen up!
How to get Gacha tickets
1. Log in every day!
2. Take part in lots of events!
Earn daily bonuses and take part in events and a Gacha ticket will show up in your Mailbox in no time!
Using Gacha tickets
Once you find a Gacha ticket in your mailbox, be sure to check the following.
01 Check the Gacha name and picture.
02 Check the Gacha ticket's expiration date. (Near the top of the pop-up)
That's all there is to it! Now here's a special bonus tip! You can use a VIP Gacha ticket to play a VIP Gacha once for free even if you aren't a VIP?
Don't miss those Today's Gift Log bonuses this month!
James: Oh boy! I'll be sure to log in every day! Gacha tickets, here I come!
Gacha tickets will disappear from your Mailbox if they pass their expiration dates. Be sure to use them before then!
32 Posting Video Diaries More video, more fun! Sharing is caring, PLAY-ers!
More video, more fun! Sharing is caring, PLAY-ers!
Dodo: Long time no see, girrrl! Today DODO's back with awesome new Diary tips to show you!
01 Creating your video
Tap Diary > New entry > Story and you're therrre!
02 Select mode
Select your video mode!
03 Start recording
To starrrt filming, tap Video! Tap again any time to stop!
04 Post your video!
To post your new creation, tap the Upload button!
05 New Entry
Add a comment with your vid and then tap Done!
So be sure to look out for the special video icon in a diary near YOU!
33 Invite a Friend Update Invite a friend to win a special Gacha ticket!
Invite a Friend Update
Invite a friend to win a special Gacha ticket!
Welcome! PLAY
Style up your avatar with exclusive fashion items by inviting a friend!
Dodo: Herrre's how to invite a friend!
Adding friends
Home > [Friends] button > [Add friends] button
Invite friends
[Invite] button > [Invite friends] button
Choose a social media network
Choose a social media icon
Choose friends to invite
Choose friends to invite to PLAY and send an invitation
Check your item list
Check what items you can win from the list
Dodo: Play a Gacha for free when your friend creates an avatar with a Gacha ticket deliverrred to your Mailbox!
Cherry: Learn more about Gacha tickets in the Gacha tickets episode of Cherry's Tips!
Note: Gacha tickets will disappear from your Mailbox if they pass their expiration dates. Be sure to use them before then!

34 Magic item Feel the magic in the square!
Feel the magic in the square!
Magic items are here!
James: Hey Cherry! You're looking rather fabulous today!
Cherry: Not just fabulous, look! You see this icon over my head?
James: Oh, that rainbow star deal? Time to tap it! *BOOP*
Cherry: Woah... I'm moving like Cherry! And I even got free Gems!
That's the power of magic! Go to the Square every day to feel the magic and clear quests!
What are magic items?
Tip #1
Magic only works in the Square, and expires after a set time.
Tip #2
The magic items used for cleaRing quests changes every month. Look for icons with QUEST written above them!
If you tap an icon that does not have QUEST above it, the magic item will take affect, but you will not clear the quest.
Tip #3
Avatars that already have that month's magic item equiped will automatically clear the quest!
Go to the Square to find the magic items!

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