Calico Cat
Pet Information
Type Cat
Pet Calico Cat
Cuddles Needed 100
Cost 10,000 Gem
Obtainable Shop
Caico gift
No one can jump higher than me~!
— Calico Cat
Calico Cat's Favorite Cat Food is required to call the Calico Cat pet. Place the cat food in your home and you'll be able

to call it twice a day (including your free call.)

When the pet is called to your home, you can pet it for your Daily Quests.

Once you cuddled it 100 times, it will become your pet.

Once he becomes your pet, he will give you a fork. It says, "Calico Cat was hiding that fork that disappeared after falling off the table this whole time!"

Personality Edit

Calico Cat (3 months/Male)

The Calico Cat's specialty is jumping from high places. It tries to look cool most of the time, but refuses to take showers and wash up. The Calico Cat is usually on the quiet side but has lots of charm deep inside.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • This is the cheapest cat you can buy.