• Designer TayTay


    i've seen at least three people with this aura and a few other items in a similar style today. i've never seen them before. according to the "worn items" thing, they're from "catch of the day". from what i read, it seems like it is a discontinued feature on the app, so i'm not sure where everyone is getting the items right now. in addition, none of them have any stars so they must be easy to get once we figure it out.

    if anyone could tell me how to get any of those items (if it's even possible), it would be super appreciated!!!!!!! that aura is so rad ahhhh

    edit: okay ya my friend told me that it's a japan region only thing gr8888888888888888888888

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  • MeganMulvey

    I want to start off by saying I still love Line Play, which is why I've been playing for last 4 years. I didn't play everyday, but I did play enough to notice the changes in every updates. 

    Line Play does a great job keeping up with new high quality, more colorful arts and I love the make-ups. Their diary, avatar, room decoration, square system is really awesome. New gachas, new events, new curious closets are pretty good too.

    However I'm very disappointed at Line for not keeping up with their older contents, such as regular shopping center, mini games and flawed chatroom. It just seems like they just abandoned these ideas as a whole and left it there.

    I'm sure they're planning to bring some thing new? if not, they should consider hiring new …

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  • Bunira

    My Status

    September 6, 2017 by Bunira

    Hi guys!

    School is starting again for me, so I won't be able to update as much anymore. But I will still be here to answer questions and such, and of course update the wiki when I have time.

    - Admin Bunnie

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  • Bunira

    Resources List

    May 25, 2017 by Bunira

    A list that contains people I took images from to provide for this Wikia. They take their time to edit and post the images, so they deserve credit!

    - Hakurei Kai on Wikia (Credit: Homepage Slideshow Images)

    - (Credit: Gacha Pictures and Updates)

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  • Hollytang


    April 29, 2017 by Hollytang

    I played Line Play since July 2015. I like Line Play so I'm here.

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  • Bunira


    March 30, 2016 by Bunira


    I am the new admin that is going to be taking over the Wikia while the other admins are inactive. I'm currently finishing up / taking care of things on another Wikia I'm looking over before I polish up this one.

    I'm hoping to build up the LINEPLAY Wikia up to date with the help of players who would like to contribute here and there.

    Feel free to contact me if you need any help or guidance in LINE PLAY.

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  • GoldenDaffodils

    I mean, it actually did! The GACHA MACHINES are not GACHA MACHINES. Catch of the day is closing in October to all the global servers! Know what that means! Yup! No playing in the Philippines. Ever.

    I WILL NOT CALM DOWN, PEOPLE! Fine I shall calm down...

    So, um, two new pictures for you all. Or maybe more than two. XC goodbye Gachas of awesomeness.

    Objection! Of course daffodils are golden, Mister Blackquill, because there is a contradiction in the witness' testimony! ~~Golden Daffodils 04:32, September 17, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Sadako-sama

    So, I heard that there's a powerful white Divine rod that you can only get by salvaging. It's called Unknown Rod, but I can't find anyone that can explain how to get that. If it's just lucky, if using ultra rare or divine rods as fuel helps, if you need an defined amount of itens to use as fuel to be able to catch it, etc...

    I heard some people got the rod after enhancing UR rods to max level and using them to salvage, but no one could tell me for sure.

    Does anyone knows anything about this? Should I waste divine rods on salvaging to try that?

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  • Krooxy

    If there was one thing that was hard to figure out, it was how to catch big game fish for the accredition tests for the arenas. Out of the hours that I played, I barely get Prize Catch fish normally (as in during the Prize Catch times with bait other than basic bait and using the catchnip), so it's not surprising that I have never caught big game fish normally except for the first time when James, the NPC, helps you.

    Of course, you can always spend 1,200 gems to buy 1 treat platter, but that's a lot of gems and there's no guarentee you'll successfully catch it. The only way to successfully catch Big Game fish is to have other members help you catch, especially if you're low level and your rods are not as powerful.

    So my tips:

    1. Level up as much…
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