Pet Information
Type Dog
Pet Bichon
Cuddles Needed 200
Cost N/A
Obtainable Unicorn Dreamworld
This fluff doesn't fluff itself!
— Bichon

The Bichon is a limited time pet only available in the Unicorn Dreamworld VIP Gacha. Place the item in your home and you'll be able to call it twice a day (including your free call.)

When the pet is called to your home, you can pet it for your Daily Quests.

Once you cuddled it 200 times, it will become your pet.


Bichon (1 year/Female)
This fluff doesn't fluff itself!

Look at that elegant fur cotton ball.. the one and only Bichon.
She loves her fluffy hair, yet her elegant movements are only fit for the noble kind.Lay the castle with shining stars in your room andenjoy your new celebrity room with an afro-style super pet・・・♡ [1]

Trivia Edit

  • Bichon was the first VIP pet to be released.