Beauty and the Beast Event
Event Information
Category Event
Description Take your best dress to the ball!
Release Date April 20, 2017
Expiry Date May 31, 2017
The Beast and the Beast: Be our Guest Event is a crossover between LINEPLAY and Disney's classic film, Beauty and the Beast. It brings limited time Gachas, and a dance event that has a minigame and special prizes.

Dance Hall Square Edit


The Dance Hall Square is a limited time place you can travel to. Once the event is over, you cannot travel to this place anymore.

In the middle of the hall is the Beauty and the Beast globe, where you can engage in the Dance minigame.

On the top of the stairs is the entrance to the Secret Square. The Secret Square is the garden area behind the ballroom.

Every time you enter the Dance Hall Square, you'll receive free Shining Roses or Roses to participate in the minigame. You get one free turn for the roses each day, but other turns will cost 5Cash

Dance GameEdit


1. To enter the minigame, you must have at least x5 Roses or x1 Shining Rose. Tap on the Beauty and the Beast globe in the middle of the Dance Hall Square. You will be dancing with another player or Belle.

2. In the minigame, you must tap the two buttons in sync with the roses falling down in the columns, similar to a rhythm game. The goal is to get a good score and not miss any of them.

3. At the end of the minigame, it'll show your total score, game points, combo bonus, and more. Your accumulated Dance points will determine your ranking. Only the top 1000~1 will receive a prize.

Ranking PrizeEdit


Players will receive special prizes depending on their overall ranking based on their Dance points from the minigame. The top 1000 Players who get the most Dance points will receive Beauty and the Beast themed items!

  • Top 10: Animated Interior, Makeup, Animated Accessory, and Animated Fashion Dress item
  • Top 300: Makeup, Animated Accessory, and Animated Fashion Dress item
  • Top 500: Animated Accessory, and Animated Fashion Dress item
  • Top 1000: Animated Fashion Dress item

Rewards Edit

Extra prizes

Prizes from participating & sharing

Rewards can be obtained by participating and scoring well in the Dance Game. You can also obtain prizes by sharing your score through social media. The rewards are sent to your mailbox from Cherry.

Mission Quest Edit

Participate in the Dance Game and light up the stained glass! Get limited rewards based on your play count.

You receive one item each time you clear a mission randomly. You will not get duplicate items.

Special GachasEdit

In the Dance Hall Square, Disney Square, and Secret Square, there are two Gachas that you can play. Both of them cost CashCash. Beauty and the Beast Ball is for VIP only.

Gallery Edit

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