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Accreditation BonusEdit

Every map has similar accreditation bonuses. The first 8 levels are all the same and level 9 will always be lure for that map. The 10th and final level will have an avatar item as the accreditation bonus.

Level 1
20% boost to rod resistance time in this area.
Level 2
10% boost to attack power for all rods in this area.
Level 3
10% to critical power for all rods in this area.
Level 4
10% boost to wave dampening in this area.
Level 5
20% slower HP recovery for missed fish in this area.

Level 6

5% boost to item drop rate in this area.
Level 7
Earn 10% more pearls y catching fish in this area.
Level 8
40% boost to rod resistance time in this area.
Level 9 Level 10
A lure for the map. (See below) An avatar item. (See Below)


A lure is a bait item that corresponds with a specific map. They have an infinite amount of uses so they'll never run out and you can get them by completing the level 9 accreditation test of a map.


Tokyo BayEdit

Tokyo Bay Test 9 Kabuki Mask Lure
Tokyo Bay Grade 10 Breezy Marine Uniform

Rural RiverEdit

Sunny SeasideEdit

Lake BiwaEdit

Northern SeaEdit

Kyoto PondEdit


Clear StreamEdit

Tropical SeaEdit








Deep JungleEdit

Great Barrier ReefEdit

White Heaven BeachEdit

Lizard IslandEdit



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